Mesoamerican Archaeology
Archaeological Site Map of Tikal

Tikal's Map & Layout

Excavations at Tikal have revealed a number of buildings and roads grouped together. The Great Plaza, Northern Acropolis, and Central Acropolis make up the core of the site.

The Great Plaza: Located on the eastern end of the Great Plaza is Temple I, which is also known as the Temple of the Jaguar. Archaeologists believe this temple was dedicated to Lord Ah Cacau, whose grave was found under the based of the pyramid. Located on the western end of the Great Plaza is Temple II, which is slightly smaller in size than Temple I, and is believed to have been dedicated during the same time period to Lord Ah Cacau's wife.

The North Acropolis: The Northern Acropolis is attached to the Great Plaza by a raised road and contains over one hundred temples. Only a small number of these temples are actually visible today, while the rest remain buried. Along with Temple I and Temple II, the Northern Acropolis made up what was the religous center of Tikal.

The Central Acropolis: Outside of the religous center is the Central Acropolis which contains residental structures. Here a number of palaces and temples were constructed for the Mayan Lords. The remains of detailed carved thrones have been discovered in this area along with a ball court, which was used to play the Mayan ritual ball game.

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