Fearsome Critters of Texas Tall Tales

The myths, folklore, and urban legends of the United States take form as the Tall Tale, once told around campfires or during lulls in labor. Such stories often related the habits of imaginary creatures to amuse, mislead, or frighten others: this has sometimes earned such imaginary animals the moniker of "Fearsome Critters".

The fearsome critters on these pages are derived from the work of folklorist Mody Coggin Boatright, whose Tall Tales from Texas detailed their nature and habits at length, describing them in much the same manner as any genuine living creature of the American West.

While other creatures of American lore are better known, these four fearsome critters have their place in our culture and history, and this site stands as a testament to the work of Boatright and his contemporaries in documenting their lore.

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