Welcome to The Legal Aid Society's Volunteer Lawyer Program for Disability Cases

Thank you for your interest in providing poor disabled clients with quality legal representation free of charge. This website is intended to provide volunteer lawyers with an overview of the Social Security disability process and to introduce you to some of the basic information and materials needed to successfully represent our clients at their admininstrative law hearings.

Each volunteer will also be supervised by an experienced staff attorney who will provide additional information, training materials, and any other assistance necessary to fully prepare each case.

The Volunteer Lawyer Program is a cooperative effort of the Civil Division of The Legal Aid Society of New York and private law firms throughout the city. The program aims to provide the highest level of legal representation to indigent clients who The Legal Aid Society, due to limited resources, might otherwise have to turn away. For our volunteers, the program provides an opportunity to gain valuable professional experience and the satisfaction of performing a rewarding public service.

Last updated 2/19/2006 by Susan Kriete
Attorney, LAS Disability Law Unit

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