New York Philharmonic Concerts at Lewisohn Stadium: About the Website

In 2009, I earned a PhD in musicology at CUNY Graduate Center. My dissertation was a survey of the concerts given by the New York Philharmonic at Lewisohn Stadium. The dissertation included a huge appendix, which was a list of all of the programs from each summer from 1922 to 1964. As suggested by one of my readers, I propose turning my appendix into a website which will work in tandem with a book I intend to write someday about Lewisohn Stadium. This test site is the major assignment for my class in website design at Long Island University, a class undertaken in the Spring Semester of 2011. It consists of two concert programs/webpages with links to each other based on three categories: a.) Composer b.) Interpreters c.) Compositions. My ultimate goal is a large website that will provide links to all of the compositions, composers, and artists in a manner similar to that described above. The website will hopefully attract laypeople as well as scholars. - Dr. Jonathan Stern

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