Sag Harbor Tea Company est. 2004

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The Sag Harbor Tea Company is located in the old whaling village of Sag Harbor. In the tradition of fine English trading companies the teas are found all over the world and imported to this famous Harbor!

It took two thousand and four years for merchants, explorers and traders to search the world over for the finest tea leaves. Now the tea leaves have finally arrived into the Port of Sag Harbor and have been purchased and delivered to the Sag Harbor Tea Company so that we may bring the entire world the finest teas.

Our company is rustic and simple, we deliver the finest tea available to the marketplace. We ensure quality and a cost effective price so that there will be no trade barriers preventing our products from covering the world.

We believe in our company goals, we aspire to meet the demands of the marketplace and we will continue to create new and exotic products to deliver to the world.

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