P.S. 125/Ralph Bunche School Dual Language French-English Kindergarten

Welcome to Our Program

425 W. 123rd Street
New York, NY 10027
Phone: 212-662-6400
Claudette Lustin, Principal

This site presents the Kindergarten curriculum for the school year 2008-09. It includes specific resources for parents of children enrolled in this program, such as scheduled field trips, and general information about French and English resources for anyone interested in learning more about dual language education.

The calendar of events links to a Google discussion group of which all Kindergarten parents are members. Active involvement is encouraged.

Previously a monolingual school serving the third through sixth grades, in 2007-08 Ralph Bunche elementary inaugurated a dual language French-English immersion program that currently spans Kindergarten through second grade, including a Gifted & Talented class. The principal's hope is to expand the program through the sixth grade.

This program receives support from the French government.

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