Top 12 Places to Go Near Amityville, NY

The Village of Amityville

This is a list of the Top 12 Places to Go if you are visiting or live in the Amityville area:

  1. Amityville Beach Complex is a small, local beach located off of Merrick Road at the end of South Bayview Avenue.
  2. Bellissimo Pizzeria&Ristorante is a small yet charming Italian restaurant located off of Merrick Road in Amityville.
  3. Bulldog Grille has a bar-like atmosphere and is located off of Merrick Road right before Bellissimo.
  4. Giacomo Jacks is a small restaurant that is known for its' seafood and it is located off Merrick Road at the end of South Ketchum Avenue.
  5. Heckscher State Park is a huge park with many activities that is located at the end of Heckscher State Parkway in the East Islip/Great Neck area of Suffolk County.
  6. John J. Burns Park is a medium sized park with playgrounds and is located off of Merrick Road in Massapequa/Massapequa Park.
  7. Jones Beach is a pretty famous beach that has many fields as well as many activities and is located right off of the Wantagh State Parkway.
  8. Lauder Museum is a small museum put together by the Amityville Historical Society with many artifacts from Amityville's past and it is located right on Broadway Avenue right in the heart of the Village of Amityville.
  9. Marjorie Post Community Park is a park that is about the same size as John J. Burns Park, but there are 2 sets of playgrounds as well as more activities. It is located right across the street from John J. Burns on Unqua Road.
  10. Peterkin Park is a quaint park located on Oak Street that is a little hidden from sight.
  11. Rebecca's Cafe is a cute little ice cream shop that has been a big part of Amityville for many years and it is worth checking out. It is located on Broadway Avenue right in the center of the Village.
  12. Vittorio's has been quoted as being a "bistro-trattoria". It has low prices, an informal setting, and it has some of the best food in Amityville. It is located off of Broadway Avenue in the Village of Amityville.
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