Literary Works Adapted into Film
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A Bibliography of Film Adaptation: From Print to Screen

The purpose of this bibliography is to provide research on essays of film adaptation. Although some of the books covered in the bibliography address the technique of film adaptation; the purpose of this bibliography is to develop an opinion of film adaptation and not the technique of adapting novels into film. The bibliography would be best utilized as a research tool for students majoring in film or the performing arts. The subject heading was organized under the Library of Congress Subject Heading: Film Adaptation/history and criticism. Although this bibliography is arranged in chronological order from past to current; it has no relevance in the currency of the research guide, since the literature and the films mentioned are considered "classics" in their genre of both literature and film.

The following books that are mentioned in this Research Guide are:

  1. Novels into Film
  2. The Modern American Novel and the Movies
  3. Theater and Film: A Comparative Study of the Two forms of Dramatic Art, and of the Problems of Adaptation of Stage Plays into Films
  4. Modern European Filmmakers and the Art of Adaptation
  5. Double Exposure: Fiction into Film
  6. Film and Literature: A Comparative Approach to Adaptation
  7. Literature and Film: A Guide to the Theory and Practice of Film Adaptation

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