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Empire State Search Service specializes in the search and retrieval of New York State genealogical records.

We can help you find the documents you need to establish your family history, separate fact from fiction, and provide clues to further research.

Many of the primary sources in genealogical research are not found online, they are found in repositories at the town, county, and state levels. While finding aids, such as indexes and catalogs, point to the existence of a birth, marriage, or death record, and sometimes list critical facts, there is no substitute for having copies of the actual records, which confirm data found in indexes and provide more details or pieces of your family history puzzle. Retrieving records involves searching appropriate indexes where available, often on-site, and in some cases searching original records that are not indexed.

We will conduct searches of and retrieve documents from the following primary sources:

Need help getting started? See our tips on our For Beginners page. And see our Additional Resources page for Internet research links and a selected bibliography.

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