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1. Age:

2. Job Category:

3. Average Internet Use(per week):

4. Indicate the functions for which you regularly use the Internet:

5. Gender:

6. Please supply your e-mail address, in case we need to contact you for follow-up questions:

7. Is this the first time you have seen the Slides Database?

The following statements will assess the ease of use, aesthetic integrity, ease of navigation and special features of the website.

These terms are defined as follows:
Ease of use - Achieving a person's goals in a way that is fast, error free, and satisfying to that person
Aesthetic integrity - Following common principles of visual design such as consistency, clarity, contrast, and general visual appeal.
Ease of navigation - The ability to find things in a large or complex information space, such as a website.
Special Features - Functions that enhance the text and images of the website.

Please check the box that most closely describes your opinion of each statement.

  1 2 3 4 5
Ease of use Strongly Disagree Somewhat Disagree No Opinion Somewhat Agree Strongly Agree
8.  The database was easy to use.
9.  The terminology used in the database was easy to understand.
10.  I felt comfortable using this database.
11.  I would feel comfortable using this database for research purposes.
Aesthetic Integrity
12.  The database was visually appealing.
13.  The images in the database was easy to download.
14.  The colors used on the web pages were appealing.
15.  The colors used were consistent throughout the site.
16.  The layout of the pages was consistent throughout the site.
17.  The descriptions for each image was clear and useful
Ease of Navigation          
18.  It was easy to search the images I needed.
19.  It was easy to move from one page to another within the website.
20.  The search engine was easy to use.
21.  The help pages was very useful during the search.
Special Features
22. The enlarge image function was helpful in examining the image.

23. Briefly describe what you consider the most positive aspects of the website:

24. Briefly describe what you consider the most negative aspects of the website:

25. If you were a professor in art history department, will you use digital images presented in your class in the future?

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