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the story of the WOODEN HILLS

The Wooden Hills were formed in Brooklyn, New York in 2004 by Graham Brice and Tariqa Mead. The band initially formed as a side-project in which Brice and Mead could indulge their mutual love of late-sixties psychedelic rock and soul music. Realizing that British band the Small Faces had accomplished much of what they had had in mind three-and-a-half decades previously, Brice and Mead promptly borrowed a song title from them ("Up the Wooden Hills to Bedfordshire") as their moniker, and moved on to find their own sound.

From 2004 to 2007, the Wooden Hills played many shows in the New York area, joined by various rhythm section members, and sometimes by themselves. The Wooden Hills also recorded a number of songs that they would publish weekly on their old web site in the aptly-named "Song Of The Week" section. In 2008, the Wooden Hills went on hiatus, and Mead moved to California to study law.

In 2010, with Mead's blessing, Brice revived The Wooden Hills with a new line-up and recorded a single with long-time Wooden Hills collaborator Robin MacMillan in the production chair.

According to music journalist Dave Steinfeld, Brooklyn-based combo the Wooden Hills record "concise pop nuggets that sound like [they] might have come from a British band at any point between the ‘70s and the ‘90s -- if they were produced by Phil Spector."

The new line-up of the Wooden Hills comprised of original member Graham Brice (vocals, guitar, keys); Curtis August (vocals, bass); and Patrick Galligan (drums, vocals), performs with an energetic swagger that has drawn wide-ranging comparisons to Pub-Rock-era Nick Lowe, and Athens legends the Flat Duo Jets among others.

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