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Purpose of this Essay

I have observed for some time that many fans of Final Fantasy VII were using Cloud's "Reasons for Fighting" speech at the end of disc 2 as the summary of what the characters fought for. I believe that speech is not as important as fans make it out to be, and in fact is an isolated incident. Despite various grudges some held, the characters discussed in this essay were generally motivated to do good, and protect the planet. I refrained from using the compilation, with the exception of "Maiden who Travels the Planet", as it is the only spin-off the still carries the ecological message of the original game, and has very little if any contradiction to the original Final Fantasy VII. I also discussed how the ecological/social message of Final Fantasy VII relates to the real world. All music is composed by Nobuo Uematsu, all artwork is by Tetsuya Nomura, or taken from gameplay of Final Fantasy VII. Unless otherwise noted, all quotes are from Final Fantasy VII.


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