Nanaki (and Bugenhagen)

Nanaki is officially called Red XIII, his specimen number after he is rescued from Hojo's lab. He is really Nanaki, the Son of Seto, and Bugenhagen is his adpoted grandfather. They are from Cosmo Canyon, which is the only locale in The Planet whose people openly respect the environment. Nanaki does not say anything in agreement with Cloud's "Reasons for Fighting" speech. He also is some sort of canine-like animal, making him a sentient member of the environment. Bugenhagen is very knowledgeable about the planet and the Lifestream, it was he who showed Cloud, Nanaki, and a third party member the true nature of Lifestream theory in his observatory. These quotes exemplify their ecological commitment, and personal bond:

(After Nanaki learns the truth about his father Seto's death in defending Cosmo Canyon)
Bugenhagen: Nanaki, I want you to continue your journey with Cloud and the others.
Red XIII: Grandpa!?
Bugenhagen: Listen, Nanaki. Cloud says they are trying to save the planet. Honestly, I don't think it can be done. For even if they stop every reactor on the planet, it's only going to postpone the inevitable. Even if they stop Sephiroth, everything will perish. But, Nanaki. I've been thinking lately. I've been thinking if there was anything WE could do. As a part of the planet, something to help a planet already in misery...No matter what happens, isn't it important to try? Am I just wishing against fate? I am too old to do anything about it...This year, I'll be 130. Ho Ho Hoooo. That is why, Nanaki, you must go with them! For my sake.
Red XIII: Grandpa...
Bugenhagen: I wanted to show you your real father before you left...I'm so glad that you came back while I was still alive to show you.
Red XIII: Grandpa... don't talk like that. I don't want to think of life... without you.....
Bugenhagen: Ho Ho Hoooo. Well, I've had a long life.
Red XIII: Grandpa! You must live! I'll see to it. I'll see to what's happening to the planet. And I'll come back to tell you.

(When Nanaki fights Sephiroth in the Planet core)
Red XIII: I'm going to see it through to the end. For our future... and that of the planet. I understand now, Grandpa. That is my mission!

The second quote also shows Nanaki's character development. He is no longer just fighting for the ecological sustainability of Cosmo Canyon like before, when he just wanted to go home there. He now wants to protect the planet as a whole.


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