Welcome to Paul's Park

picture of climbing frame at Paul's Park

Paul's Park is located in South Riverdale at the corner of Kappock Street and Independence Avenue.

Paul's Park is a very popular, family-friendly playground. It is a totally enclosed playground with gates. Paul's Park is aimed at infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Swing equipment:
Paul's Park has six swings: one full bucket molded plastic infant swing and five full bucket cross leather infant swings.

Climbing equipment:
There is one climbing frame at Paul's Park. There are NO openings in the climbing frame. It is designed for ages 2-5.
The climbing frame has five graduated steps to it; a five-foot high spiral slide with six steps to it; a three-foot high straight slide;
an arched bridge; a tic-tac-toe wheel panel; and a steering wheel.
NOTE: None of the equipment is wheelchair accessible or meets ADA guidelines.

Paul's Park has a sandbox that is oval-shaped and is approximately ten feet by three feet. The sandbox usually contains pails, shovels, trucks, and other toys for public use.

Shading and park surface:
About half of Paul's Park is shaded. Paul's Park has an asphalt surface with faded redish rubber safety mats under the climbing equipment and swings.

Paul's Park has a sprinkler, a water fountain, and plenty of park benches, but no restrooms. The closest restrooms are located north of Paul's Park in the upper Henry Hudson playground a few hundred yards away.

Local features:
Pauls' Park is a unique park in Riverdale: baby bouncers, tricycles, scooters, ride-on toys, push toys, and other toys are kept here for public use.

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