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A Look at Dragons Across the World

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Dragons are popular creatures found in many cultures. Their existance is not bound by geography or time. Even the earliest civilizations, such as the Toltec, Chinese and Egyptians, had their own forms of dragons.

This abundant availablitiy of dragon legends explains the vast range of physical and tempermental characterists associated with dragons.

Physically, dragons come in many varieties of shapes and sizes. In some parts of the world, dragons have attributes of other animals, such as a human head or a bird's beak.

Some dragons are the size of houses, while others could fit in the palm of your hand.

Modern dragons are steriotypically depicted as winged, gigantic, fire-breathing beasts. Older legends usually define dragons as more serpentine, rarely capable of breathing fire or flying.

Characteristically, some cultures saw dragons as fierce, dangerous monsters out to devour humankind one soul at a time. Other cultures held dragons in the heightest esteem, granting them the role of guardians.

Which dragon would you like to read about?

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