HEATHER SIEGEL - Singer and Songwriter

Personal Information

Born: August 10, 1984
Height: 5"7"
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Green
Weight: 135

Voice: Soprano

E-mail: Heeter23@aol.com
Original Compositions

Used and Abused
I Get Weak
It was You
Say Goodbye
Missing You
Fly Away
There for You
Our Lady of Mercy Academy
Syosset, New YOrk
1998-2002 High School Diploma
TriM Music Honor Society Distinction

Berklee College of Music
Boston, Massachusetts
2002-present Anticipating a Bachelor of Music Degree/
Performance Major


Vocal Instruction-Private
09/01 to present
Classical and Musical Theatre
Jamie Chieh-Mei Wu
Doctor of Music Arts in Voice Performance

Musical Theory/ HarmonyTheory
Ear Training Our Lady of Mercy Academy

Select Chorus
Soparano/Soloist Our Lady of Mercy Academy

New York State School
Music Association
Level 6 Outstanding Score

Piano Instruction

1996-1999 Classical Performance Recitals

Elena Polezhayev
Instructor and Classical Pianist

Vocal Experience
Nick's Band Singleton's Restaurant
Hicksville, NY

Steamboat Landing
Glen cove, NY

Central Park Bandshell
New York City, NY
Pop Vocalist

North Shore High School Band

Memorial Day Parade
May 2001,2002

Star Spangled Banner
Acapella Soloist

C.W.Post College Tilles Center
Brookville, NY
Long Island Music Festival Choral/Soprano

Musical Theater Experience
Fiddler on the Roof
Golda Our Lady of Mercy Acaademy
Theatrical Production

42nd Street

Dorothy Brock Our Lady of Mercy
Theattical Production

The Boyfriend

Madame Dubonnet Our Lady of Mercy Theatrical Production

Good News

Patricia Bingham North Shore School District
Summer Theatre

The Wizard of Oz

Girls from Oz Trio Our Lady of Mercy Academy
Theatrical Production

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